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Confucius (551 - 479 BC) is not only the most influential East Asian philosopher. His name is known around the world. Already 2500 years ago he posed the decisive question that still concerns us today: how do I find the "Dao", the right way in life? Whenever anyone begins a sentence with the words "Confucius says", people pay attention, expecting some timeless truth. But in fact his key idea is astonishingly up-to-the-minute. People, says Confucius, are naturally all equal. Therefore everyone, rich or poor, should have free access to culture and the chance to find his own "Dao". But how do I find my own way? Confucius's answer at first sounds simple. We must train our character, develop our best qualities, but at the same time always bear in mind other people's self-development. "What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others," says Confucius. To live out co-humanity, or "ren", is for him the highest good. He knows, however, that we are not all saints. Thus, he remarks self-critically: "Conscientiously to perform all duties and not to be overcome by wine. What one of these things do I attain to?" All of us make mistakes while searching for the "Dao". We injure others, do not always tell the truth, or make bad decisions. The important thing is to learn from such mistakes. "To make a mistake and yet to not change your ways - this is what is called truly making a mistake." Confucius's thoughts also involve much wit and irony. The book "Confucius in 60 Minutes" Confucius's key idea and the fascinating lightness of his personality are presented using over 100 of his best quotes. The book is published worldwide as part of the popular series "Great Thinkers in 60 Minutes", now translated into 6 languages.

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“The book shows the limitless freedom of the Buddha, the radicalism of his

thinking and action.”
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